Epee Event – Saturday, February 22, 2020

This club Epee tournament is a non-electrical competition, registration fee: $20.00, pay at the door.

Held at:
Bedford, 315 Hutchinson Rd. Battle Creek, MI 49017

Check-In: 9:00am

Tri-Blade Fencing Academy is trying out a new format for a fencing event. I will be updating this page with more information on how this event will work, rules, and how to register. I have already talked to many of you about my hopes for the Chivalry Cup. But for those of you who I have not spoken to, know this: The Chivalry Cup is; an honor-bound fencing event, we will be using Epees, fencers will call their one matches based on dialogue between each fencer and their opponents, and we will be giving out “accolades” (of which I will detail later).

The best part of this event is the fact that unlike with most fencing tournaments, where half of the participants are eliminated midway through the event. In the Chivalry Cup, every fencer will get to fence every other fencer! And every fencer will be able to continue fencing until the very end of the event. The tournament could take most of the day.

Participants will be able to use club equipment (first come basis).

Any question contact: