Classical Fencing is a discipline that due to its unregulated nature has a wide base of interpretation and practice, so much, so that a precise definition is not forthcoming. As an organization that is quickly becoming a national entity, New Order of Chivalric Knight (NOCK), the parent organization of Tri-Blade, is making efforts to establish a clear and universal organization for the western martial art of Classical Fencing, which practitioners can gather under and subsequently flourish because of its efforts.

Classical Fencing is the effort to recreate the ancient practice of dueling in a safe and ordered environment. Much of the rules and regulations for this practice are derived from more modern fencing practices before the institution of electrical scoring equipment. The overall goal is to present a satisfying and dynamic mental and physical discipline while paying as much homage to the historical ideals, which came part and parcel with the societal customs that typically surrounded dueling.

A huge emphasis that we place on Classical Fencing foundation (honor and integrity) on the part of both the duelists and directors. With no light indicators, directors and assistants have to use their knowledge and experience to determine the correct call and fencers are expected to signal when touches were scored on them and in fact congratulate their opponent for their skill and ability.

By not needing electrical equipment for the clubs or individual fencers, this reduces the cost for both. We have some slight modifications to the USFA rules (mostly regarding electrical) but the modern fencing equipment can still be used.

We strive to make our programs available to people at all economic levels and will always prefer more fencing over more flashy equipment. Thankfully, Classical Fencing can be conducted with a minimal amount of equipment as the sport is primarily about the people, their mentalities, and dispositions.

Just as the concept of classical music has no ending point, Classical Fencing draws from a firm foundation in the art of dueling and extends outwards forever as long as people continue to practice it. Just as a military seeks to mold the minds of its soldiers as well as their fighting abilities, Classical Fencers come to conduct themselves with a poise and grace.